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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Commercial: A poem for Talisker

Well, seeing as it's Burn's Night tonight, a good chance to share this with you. Talisker asked me to write a poem, in the style of Rabbie, praising the whisky. You can read it below, or indeed on Facebook, where other poetic quills have been brandished too.

Made by the sea
(after Robert Burns)

Praise in rhyme, praise this symbol,
A braw, braw drink for the lyrical.
It’s tasty joys, always convivial,
             Smoothly flow;
Leave you with, this not trivial,
             A sympathetic glow.

Perfume of the waves adored!
Thy taste always warms the bluid;
Charming the heart is also guid.
            Rest thy mind,
Watch as cogs are poured
           And tongues unbind.

Surrounded by friends and family,
The gentle shimmers of memory,
Let time slip away placidly.
           Pleasure giving,
Fuelling many happy reveries,
           The oil of living.

From a beauteous, epic isle,
A whisky that is worth a while;
A promise of warming smiles,
           Full of gallantry.
An inspiration that beguiles,
           Made by the sea.



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