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Friday, December 27, 2013

Listorama: Facebook status updates vol 32

What's on your mind?...

is an exemplar of the TOWIE aesthetic

Is the phrase is empty or is it me?

Just had that nice Mr Daljit Nagra round for lunch

is all the talk

has been manipulated

Chapeau or titfer?

is a guestlist blagger

Dough is proving

was barely touched by the #ukstorm

Words are failing me today



There is nothing on my mind

Look at the time!

Whither Gripper Stebson?

is waiting for his plan

is taking words for Newcastle

Step and repeat, step and repeat

would like to spend a week in a dusty library

Ow! Back! Etc

Everybody loves a 404

might be wrong

Hold the line

is a system that optimizes zonal efficiency

It’s oh so quiet

is a victim of red wine sleep

is a diptych

is a five string serenade

Turkey Thursday, Black Friday

is a couplet

is this town’s religion

To Marseille

is all the secrets

is a twinge in the lumbar region

is a refraction of a refraction

is slightly baffled

We need a verb for when we idle on Facebook and go on a ‘Like’ spree. Maybe ‘likespree’ does it; sounds suitably Germanic

That Ben Wishaw – quite good at that acting

Joseph Roth + Pynchon = no writing today

is a raindrop on the window of time

is a sureshot

is an A/B test

is wrestling with networking technologies

The burrito after giving blood. Totally justifiable

Chocolate, whisky and ibuprofen. My three favourite food groups

Traditional Christmas Eve Pizza Express dinner. Done

Christmas vibes etc

Six hours in the car + four hours eating = Christmas



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