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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Poetry: National Poetry Day

So, it's a bit of a big poetic week. I started at the Faber Academy on Tuesday, and no doubt will regale you with tales of how I am becoming a poet over the next six months.

But even *more* important that, it's National Poetry Day today. As you can imagine, there is an array of stuff happening. No doubt you'll be buttonholed by poets at every hour, declaiming at you and generally trying to flog their wares. Take pity on them, for they do not often see the sunlight of attention. I particularly liked this from the Thought Fox, if you feel moved to pick up pen.

The theme of this year's day is 'Home', so here are two offerings that riff in a slightly off-kilter way on the idea. First one is true, btw, as in the chimes can be heard from the bedroom window:

Alarm clock

My alarm clock is better than yours.
Because it’s Big Ben that wakes me anew.
The nation’s timepiece simply underscores
That my alarm clock is better than yours.
Why clutter up your chest of drawers
When our favourite bell tolls only for you?
My alarm clock is better than yours.
Because it’s Big Ben that wakes me anew.

The Nobel prize in bedroom studies

If duvets are universes –
and if you are contented
enough they are – then
lift up your reflective gold
visor, take off your lingerie
spacesuit, and you won’t
need my telescope – or
any other astronomical
device – to see that we’ve
crossed the event horizon and
you’ve become the singularity.



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