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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Commercial: The BlackBerry pen

I imagine the conversation in the marketing or sales promo team went something like this:

- Bob? I've got an idea about how we can really embed the BlackBerry into the consciousness of consumers.

- Really Bob? Sounds good. What were you thinking?

- Well Bob, howsabout a promotional item that positions our BlackBerry as being on the bleeding edge of communicative devices, the thing that is pushing new boundaries when it comes to humans staying in touch with other humans? Oh, and subliminally says that we are visionaries when it comes to providing these new tools of communications.

- Bob, I love it! What sort of brain-meltingly objet d'art from the future of humanity could you have possibly produced that can capture our beloved device in this way?

- Behold, Bob, behold. (He reveals the above pen.)


- Bob, uh, I think you might not quite have understood what we do here at RIM...



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Dumb post...seems to have nothing intelligent to say so why not say something stupid...

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