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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Listorama: Facebook status updates vol 16

And now we show whether it’s true…

Slips, hitches and other knots

Snow, blood etc

is a paper prototype

could get washed away soon

is the curse of thinking

is blaming the rogue portabello mushroom

is tentative

Hola Sevilla!

Where’s the accelerator pedal again?

is open to offers of nationality. Consideration of quality of said country’s national day given high priority

was on the losing side in the Hundred Years War

The state of my union is strong

Who would you be in my roman a clef?

is catching up with himself

Dreaming of aphorisms is tiring

Old radicals were so much better, weren’t they?

No one’s ever ‘jazzsteady’ are they?

Oh why can’t you just keep things the same?

I might wake up soon

is about to unleash the digs of lust

‘Look beautiful, look busy’ – my new mantra

Rage as much as you can; it’s better to burn out than never flare

will throw these wings away

dreamt the Headmaster Ritual, military two-step n’all

is a damp wolf

Bric brac nic nack tic tac go!

is drowning in links

would like to be harvesting stories

Hello Today, I believe we were due to be introduced at some point before you disappeared

And now to hit the road

is considering The Wykehamist Fallacy

is in flames

One slip and you tumble down

is demanding free passage through

The sky says spring

is trying to digest the thin end of the wedge

Just suppose you juxtapose

is entering his middle style period

is only halfway through his acceptance speech

Today, my Achilles’ heel is literally my Achilles’ heel

has left Nosleepsville and is on the way to Tempertown

is accounting for all the rattlesnakes

is a flat track bully

is doing it for the kids today, and Wednesday and Friday too

Fingers, pies, confusion

is very proud of Treason, the fighting boy cat

would like the big dance number to start now

I think. I know. I am

After hibernation

And then I decided it was fine to find myself in the lingering cadences of forever

Panic in its first day

Panic in its second day. And it started earlier too

Panic in the face of imminent illness

Sunday in my palm

And now it’s time for the shakedown

is somewhere in the venn diagram

Assaying some essays

The joke’s on who?

will be throwing over some windows later


was dazzled by a diamond knuckle duster this morning

Buffalo gals go round the outside, round the outside, round the outside

Entropy, all is entropy


is a system of thought

is America’s Team

is a cor Anglais duck

Uncork the otters!

is batting over .400

is singing sci-fi lullabies

drowning in desperately thin stuff

has the fear

A title, a title, my words for a title

is all about expected contours today

A kingmaker is never a king

has voted

Cracking on


is preparing for a trip down someone else’s memory lane

is far away from election fever

is ready to serve in the nation’s interest. The nation in question being Fredonia

That last gin and tonic. Wow

is looking forward to returning for The Great Patriotic Wait

Back, sans bags

Imagine no possessions. You can, if you fly US Airways

welcomes Nick and Dave, the new Bert and Ernie, to the street

is flight status neutral

is bigging himself up

The future is hidden in the past

For The Draw

is a Chris Ware cartoon

is chic le freak

Wingwalking is too good for him

is down on the disco floor

Welcome to today’s yesterday

Scrape the sky


is part of The Hudson Valley Conspiracy

didn’t throw up while running down The Mall



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