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Friday, April 09, 2010

RIP: Talcy Malcy I seem to remember the NME christening him when I started reading it. I retain(ed) an academic interest in him, not least as my masters' dissertation was about the censorship of 'God Save The Queen' by the BBC. What became clear through my research was that, above all, he was the situationist figure par excellence - Debord couldn't have dreamed up a better living, walking advert for his theory. And while Savage goes too far in theorising what McLaren was up to, he reminded us that there was far more than just the traditional Tin Pan Alley huckersterism driving him.

As was indeed evidenced by what he got up to post Pistols. The claim that he was the first white rapper is not too far from the truth (see above), and he could also claim to be ahead of the game when it game to psychogeography, viz his film The Ghosts of Oxford Street.

When you look at him in all the news bulletins today, look for the twinkle in his eye. It was never far away.



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