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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Big election potatoes

To draw your attention to the work being done by Nico Macdonald and Alan Patrick of Broadsight amongst others in suggesting that, considering the - how shall we say - somewhat *big* nature of the challenges, getting better at innovating our way out of the holes we are in is important.

Hence the Big Potatoes manifesto, which features such stirring calls as:

01 Think Big - The full entry of China and India into the world economy doesn’t just mean billions more consumers aspiring to Western lifestyles. It also means that the world can benefit from billions of innovating brains. It’s a moment to broaden horizons, expect much more, and expand every kind of ambition.

Compared with the pretty thin stuff on offer in most of the parties' election manifestos, this is vaultingly ambitious, and much to be commended.

The group have an event at the RSA tonight where these subjects - and no doubt much more - are under discussion. If you're at all interested in the future, you should be there.



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