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Monday, June 22, 2009

Commercial: Radio Fish ID tag

So like the good hand-wringing, organic Guardian liberals that you all are, no doubt you've all been out to see The End of The Line, the latest eco-shock documentary, telling us all that if we don't mend our ways there won't be any fish left for us to munch on. At all.

Which is fine as far it goes. Slightly more problematic is what we do about it.

The best strategy, it appears, is for us to change our choices when out buying fish. There is, naturally, lots of advice on how to go about doing this. Here's what the good people at the Marine Conservation Society advise:

Fish guide 1

Can you see the problem here? Who's going to remember these gradations and classifications and certifications when shopping? Sure, we can print out the PDF and take it round with us, but I'd wager that for most shoppers, this is actually adding complexity to the decision. Especially when you try and apply it to individual species:

Fish guide 2

So, what to do? Well, a digital solution would be the obvious way forward. Widgets like this are a start:

But it still doesn't answer the problem about the lack of information at the point of picking up the fish. For that we need something mobile.

So a suggestion then: slap a RFID tag on every fish caught. God knows what the economics of it would be, but I'll wager it wouldn't be a heinous charge. Enable an iPhone app or some other mechanic ('iFish'?) that can read the tag and tell you immediately whether it's a thumbs up or thumbs down as regards the future safety of our fishy friends.

No need for punters to memorise reams of information about safe fish stocks. And hopefully some happier fish left in the seas.



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