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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Linkorama for 23.04.09

And no, nothing Shakespeare or St George related:

1. Popshot, a new magazine for poetry and illustration. Got my copy of issue 1 this week. It's stunning to look at. Poetry's pretty good too. Go get.

2. More new math, or equations to live by. Such as the one above. A new one every Monday.

3. Data porn. I could live in a gallery with these lighting up the walls.

4. Not that I'm too obsessed or anything with the frankly ridiculous Budget numbers or anything, but.... jeez. I did spend a good few seconds on twitter last night talking about 'mirage money' and the 'Enron Economy' and how it appears that public spending and investment was predicated on unsustainable gains from a sector that couldn't manage its risk and was always likely to explode. But the real shocker was Robert Choate from the IFS suggesting that £140 billion of the £175 billion in borrowing is effectively structural - ie we can't just put it down to banks exploding. That means whatever hue the next government isn't isn't just going to have to cut fat, they're going to have to cut into the bone frankly, saw a couple of limbs off.

Anyway, you might want to make yourself more depressed by looking at the numbers in the Red Book, reading Martin Wolf's magisterial denunciation, or catching up with the Institute for Fiscal Studies' briefing at lunchtime. Or you can try and follow Alastair Darling's circumlocutions with Evan Davis this morning.



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