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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Linkorama for 23.07.09

Bit of a beastie this one:

1) Sarah Palin's resignation speech, as tidied by the formidable fact, research and copy checking departments of Vanity Fair.

2) Vodafone's Nightwatchman is a fairly comprehensive jargon-buster for those of you newbies who've come along late to the cricketing party. Not quite sure why a Scotsman's your guide, but there you go. Another fine feather in the cap for Nick and Dare.

3) Mobile internet experience still shit shocker. I know NN Group will keep flogging that study 'till they drop dead, but it doesn't make their fundamental point any less true. Non-iPhone handset experiences are akin to trying to eat jelly with a chisel - messy, frustrating and likely to end up being painful.

4) Storytelling still important in selling in concepts to clients shocker. True in the design world, true in every part of the the communications world. You're selling a vision of the future. You going to do that just through stats?

5) Internet still looking like Tokyo Metro non-shocker. A challenge: can someone find an analogous information design use for the Warsaw subway? The difficulty is that it only has one line. What can that illustrate?

6) Google Wave's more public testing ahoy. Sign up here. And look out for the delightful language on the form. Ask, and I'll share the haiku I sent them.

7) Alice at work is one of the people behind Weird Mannequins. As I regularly pass the Pimlico Plumbers one, I can vouch for it's oddity. Send any examples you've got to them.

And now I'm off for a lie down.



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