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Friday, April 17, 2009

Free The Blog: The Insulting Cabaret - live blog

So, over at my other (temporary) gaff:

A heads up: later on this evening, I'll be taking life and various communicative devices into a state of discomfort, as I try and live blog from The Insulting Cabaret at the Southwark Playhouse.

In case you haven't memorized all your Free The World festival guide, the Cabaret
is "a secret world where the strangest things are banned and preconceptions are blurred. Expect fast paced laughter, wise words and music from around the world as writers and performers share their most intimate thoughts, challenge your thinking and make you smile."

Not quite sure how they'll take to a blogger scribing everything down in their midst.

If you're coming down, swing by and say hello (not sure where I'll be; look for someone hunched over a laptop or iPod touch). And for those of you elsewhere in the world, check back here (that's to say, over there)from about 9.45pm, to join the show.



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