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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Commercial: Identity guidelines

Brand guidelines. Read a lot. Written a few. Generally fine. Not always inspiring. But then often they're not meant to be.

These three are refreshing variations on a theme:

1. Skype - split their guidelines in two. First bit about how they look:

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Second bit about how they think.

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(Hat tip: PSFK) (and thanks to Peter at Hidden Chemistry for pointing out that more Skype brand stuff resides here. For those of you don't know, Peter's one of Skype's bloggers, as well as being a social media genius.)

2. Christopher Doyle - shows you how you can apply identity principles to your good self:

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(Hat tip: Ordinary People)

3. Pepsi - brand bollocks? A spoof? Either way, it's fine, fine writing.

Pepsi Gravitational Field Pepsi Gravitational Field The Crazed Geek [NB: the following claims it might even be true] "Haha. Ive created a new account just to post this: I have a funny story, which I probably should not share at all with Reddit, or really anyone. I work freelance 'in the industry', and one of my clients did some of the Pepsi spots which are on air. During the initial treatment, the advertising agency which won the Pepsi contract for the re-design sent over the design guidelines and a presentation on the design process of the new logo. I happened to be able to overhear a conversation regarding the new logo, and actually had to interrupt because ive never heard a discussion over anything so ludicrous in my life. I happened to nab a copy of the PDF, and have to share it. It really hammers in the stereotype of Advertising in general, and the complete idiocy that goes in to marketing. I really suggest reading till the end. It just gets better and better. Thus I present to Reddit: THE PEPSI GRAVITATIONAL FIELD:"



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