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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Dieter Rams' ten commandments

So, we popped along to the V&A the other night to see Dieter Rams give us his collected wisdom, accumulated over a good 50 years at the top of the design profession. Alas, thanks to a combination of poor lighting and microphone placement, hesitant English and a manner of vocal delivery heavily dependant on speaking into his shirt, we weren't quite able to catch the nuances of what he had to say.

Good job then that Vitsoe had already put Rams' top 10 design commandments online for us to peruse at a later date.



Blogger Daniel Nelson @ VitsÅ“ said...

Glad that you made it along.

We recorded the entire talk and once we edit it we shall put this on our website, hopefully with subtitles, but certainly with the transcript of the speech.

Hope that helps.

Best wishes

Daniel Nelson

1:53 pm  
Blogger BetaRish said...

Excellent news Daniel. Many thanks for that. If you can make the video embeddable, I'll post it here too.



2:20 pm  
Blogger Daniel Nelson @ VitsÅ“ said...

Of course we'll make it embeddable.
Thanks for offering to post it.


2:23 pm  
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