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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Listorama: The Salvation Army

As sourced from the programme for Major Barbara, currently playing at the National Theatre.


Articles of War: a statement of beliefs and promises signed by all Salvationists

‘Blood and Fire’: the motto of The Salvation Army referring to the blood of Christ and the fire of the Holy Spirit

Cadet: someone – male or female – in training to become a full-time officer in The Salvation Army

Citadel: a hall used for worship

Colours: the flag of The Salvation Army – blue for the purity of God, red for the blood of Christ, yellow for the fire of the Holy Spirit

a document conferring authority upon officers and local leaders

Corps: a ministering unit of The Salvation Army

‘Fire a volley’: an instruction to shout Hallelujah or Glory

Firing a cartridge: paying a tithe in the weekly collection

General: the international leader of The Salvation Army

Junior Soldier: a young person who has been converted and has signed a promise but not yet the Articles of War

Knee Drill: early morning prayer meeting

Officer: a Salvationist who has left secular employment and has been ‘commissioned’ to serve within The Salvation Army – comparable to an ordained minister

Mercy Seat:
a bench that serves as a place of prayer placed at the front of the worship space

Promotion to Glory: description for the death of a Salvationist

Pub Booming: ministry in public houses, bars, and clubs

Rank: based on years of service or special appointment, officers in The Salvation Army may be Captains, Majors, Colonels, and Commissioners

Soldier: an enrolled member of a Salvation Army who has signed the Articles of War

Swearing in: the public enrolment of a Salvation Army soldier

War Cry:
the weekly evangelical publication of the Salvation Army



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